Thursday Throwback: Kirby’s Dreamland 3!

Today’s throwback is a great game, Kirby’s Dreamland 3 came out in 1997 for the Super Nintendo. While the game played like the other two entries before it, the graphics had a pastel, or crayon feel to them. The games solid in my book, it paces awesome, you really don’t notice the the difficulty increasing as you go along because it raises it so gradually that you’ll maybe only die once or twice on a level to just get your bearings.

If you have never played a Kirby game, here is a good place to start because it gives you everything that Kirby is or was with out adding needless game mechanics(tilting on the GBA or Stylus on the DS) or overly dumb graphics(Wii I’m looking at you).  The music and sounds are pretty good for a Super Nintendo game too. I never found myself sitting back and wanting to turn down the sound or anything

If I had any complaints it’s maybe they offer too many different style power ups through out the game. I never felt that I was ever comfortable with any of the different combos to go around and know what I was looking for. I found myself still finding new ones almost right before the game ended. Again this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, one thing this game doesn’t lack is variety but for me personally, when I’m trying to get through a level I’d like to know what minion gives off which power (if any) and how they react with your sidekicks.

I think HAL Labs(of Super Smash Bros fame) hit the nail on the head with a this Kirby entry.  The different graphics give a fresh look while the core game play is as good as it ever was. Sucking up minions and taking their power has never been this much fun. If you’re looking for a good Kirby game on the cheap, get one your Wii, go to your virtual console and pick this game up for 800 points!(8 bucks)

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