Stonewall008 is at it again! More Jungle Videos For League of Legends: SEASON TWO!

I love jungling in League of Legends. It’s alot of fun to go roaming around, leveling up, looking for the perfect opportunity to gank the opposing team. Now when I’m not too sure what to go or if I feel that my build could use some work I always check on what Stonewall is doing. In Season One, he not only showed people that there was more to some champs than meets the eye. He freakin’ re wrote the book on how to jungle.

I remember where if you didn’t play Warwick jungle, you were a noob. Then I saw a jungle fiddlesticks and my jaw pretty much dropped. I thought that was the greatest idea ever. Fiddlesticks can life drain the crap out of every thing and end up with all his health after killing a whole creep camp. His Ultimate is also the best ambush mechanism,combined with flash, you can land almost anywhere you want. I started seeing more and more champs move over to being possible junglers. I asked people where they were coming up with these ideas and they said they saw this dude on Youtube lay everything out for them real nice and pretty and all they were doing was just following what he did.

I looked him up and started using some of his more plausible champion builds to jungle with, it was amazing how well some of these champions worked then, like two of my favorites, Malphite and Nasus. I started watching some of the crazier champions that while, not a really viable option in a real game, it was cool to see it could be done, like jungle Karthus!

Now that Season Two has arrived and the jungle has been revamped, this leaves an opening for new champions. I was messing around with Poppy in the jungle just before I wrote this! Bottom line is you should go check out Stonewall008’s videos on Youtube if you need help on what to build or what masteries to go or even where to go camp wise first! Check him out!

Stonewall008’s Youtube

Now for those of you guys who don’t know what the hell I’m talking about but think League Of Legends  is a cool game that you might want to play, sign up here!

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